BUSA's Introduces Advanced Training for U9-U10 players!

Advanced Training Program (ATP)

Advanced Soccer Training for U9 & U10 Boys and Girls


BUSA will be introducing a new program for all U9 and U10 players beginning with the Fall of 2010.  The “BUSA ATP” (Advanced Training Program) will be for those younger players that are looking for a higher level of training during their recreational seasons. 


BUSA will run the program at two locations, the Sports Blast Field Complex and the Rathmell Sports Complex.  We will select up to 15 boys and 15 girls into the program at each location the first year.  Players will be selected through a tryout process to run at the same time as our competitive tryouts.  Dates and times are located on the website at www.birminghamunited.com. 


Details of the (ATP) Advanced Training Program are as follows:

  • Tryouts will begin on Thursday, June 3rd
  • Up to 15 ATP players will be selected for each of U9 and U10 boys and girls programs.
  • ATP Training will be at Sports Blast Complex or Rathmell Complex
  • ATP Players will be trained by the BUSA Full Time Staff
  • Training will occur on Friday afternoons, 4:30 - 6:00pm
  • Training will be for 4 months in the fall (Aug.-Nov.)  and 4 months in the spring (Feb.-May)
  • The cost will be $40 per month to cover trainer’s fees plus a $40 annual registration fee.
  • All players will receive two ATP training shirts
  • The ATP program will be available to any player in the United States
  • Any players playing up on an Under 11 competitive team may also participate
  • Under 8 players are welcome to tryout and if selected will train with the U9 ATP group


The goals of ATP are to help the young individual player learn and refine the basic techniques of the game and then add and introduce advanced skills when the players show they are ready.  ATP training will include:

o        Individual ball oriented, technical training including dribbling moves, feints and fakes and ball striking

o        The introduction of on-field positions and the skills needed to be successful in these positions

o        Teaching small groups to keep possession of the ball with the use of individual skill as well as passing and movement

o        Specialized running and coordination techniques with and without the soccer ball to work on overall athleticism


This program is intended for those players looking to increase their skill level and get ahead of the competition in terms of training.  The purpose behind the tryouts is to get a pool of players training together that have similar abilities and work ethics.  As other players increase their level of play through our recreational and/or Junior Academy programs, they may be invited by a staff member to join the ATP. 


Any player not selected for the ATP program is welcome to participate in the Wed. night Jr. Academy program. 


ATP Tryout Schedule:



430-630pm            (south & north)

Sports Blast & Rathmell



9-11am (north)




1-3pm (south)

Sports Blast



5-7pm (north)




5-7pm (south)

Sports Blast