BUSA Serves - 4000 items collected!

The Annual "BUSA Serves" day was another great success!  

In total, over $50,000 worth of games, puzzles, coloring books, colored pencils and other fun items were collected, organized, and donated to Children's Hospital of Alabama. We are very grateful for the generosity of our members and their willingness to participate in such a selfless cause!

BUSA Executive Director Andrew Brower said of the event,

"I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our membership and so excited about the commitment to help and serve others on our 2017 BUSA Serves Day!  

We have been able to provide over 4000 items and  a care package for all 232 patients currently in Children's Hospital which is an amazing accomplishment!  We as an organization are proud of our players and family members who have rallied around an excellent cause to provide a small ray of sunshine to the patients and families currently at Children's.  

In the world of competitive sport's sometimes we have a very myopic view of the world.  It becomes all about me, my team, and my group. I hope that this effort through our BUSA Serves Day has been able to show our kids, that the team we need to be on is the team that helps our community, helps our world, and works together to help those in need!  Special thanks to all of our 99 and 00 oldest players and managers who helped put this project together!

"BUSA Serves" is an annual club wide community service project held in conjunction with Team Camp, the beginning of our Fall soccer season.  Each year, our club comes together to help those in need or who are simply less fortunate.  In doing so we strive to empower our members to help their community, enriching the lives the others so they can excel in all they do.

Thank you to all who donated their efforts to make this project such a great success!