Academy Game wrap up, May 28-29

16 Academy team wins again on the road

Academy League results:

Bradenton, FL, May 28, 2011

U18 IMG Academy vs. U18 Birmingham United  2-1 L (half-time: 0-1)

Line up (4-2-3-1): Fisher - Davis (75.Castro), Echols, Diehl, Thomas - Harbison, Burris, Iverson (66.Dresbach), Kovacs (46.Sandlin), Haberstroh - Fradenburg (38.Vargas)

This was a difficult loss for the 18s. Leading 1-0 at the half after a beautiful Fradenburg cross from the left flank and a one-time volley finish from Burris at the top of the penalty box was not enough to hold a well playing and disciplined IMG team off. Two second half goals gave the year around academy the win on a hot day in Central Florida.

U16 IMG Academy vs U16 Birmingham United  7-0 L  (half-time: 4-0)

Line-up (4-2-3-1): Vedel (40. Louis) - Reimann, Basilico, Blackmon, Mulvaney(63. Adler) - Sproull (65. P.Carroll), Irvin, Early (46.McCullumsmith), S. Carroll (46. Barry), Schnuelle (50. Tapley) - Dempsey (46. Holcombe)

The 16s found themsleves down a goal in the first minute of play. A very good IMG team continued to play well and created chance after chance that led to the big score line. A very difficult match for the team as the players never had a chance to find their rhythm during the match.

Clearwater, FL, May 29, 2011

U18 Clearwater Chargers vs. U18 Birmingham United  5-1 L (half-time: 2-0)

Line up (4-4-2): Fisher (46. Thompson) - Davis (80. Kovacs), Echols, Diehl, Sandlin - Harbison, Burris (56. Haberstroh) , Dresbach (56. Thomas), Vargas (72. Castro) - Iverson, Fradenburg

A winnable game turned into a big loss at the end. A slow start found the team looking at a 0-2 deficit after 20 minutes. A strong individual effort by Clearwater’s players were responsible for the score. Our team had chances in first half, but couldn’t capitalize on several scoring opportunities. After half-time a rejuvenated United team cut the lead to 1-2 on a nice Fradenburg effort on the right side that led to an Iverson goal from close range. It looked as if we would equalize , but two quality chances were left unused and soon thereafter Clearwater scored their third in the middle of the 2nd half. The team fought hard, but fatigue set in when faced with a rested Chargers team that kept the ball well and made us run more. Overall, a good effort of our players though the scoreline did not indicate it.

U16 Clearwater Chargers vs. U16 Birmingham United  1-2 W (half-time: 0-0)

Line-up (4-2-3-1): Louis - Reimann, Basilico, Blackmon, Adler - Irvin, Early (28. McCullumsmith), Barry (54. Sproull), Schnuelle (46. S. Carroll), Dempsey (56. P.Carroll) - Holcombe (51. Tapley)

A tremendous effort by the 16s especially in the 2nd half. All three goals were scored in the last 3 minutes of the match. United goes up 1-0 on a nice shot by Miller Sproull with 2 minutes to go in the match. Clearwater ties the game in the 80th minute. Everyone thinks the game ends in a draw except Sproull. On literally the last play of the game, Miller slides in a ball that rolls across the goal line after a United header kissed the post to make it 2-1 Birmingham. Fantastic team effort and displaying a ’Never stop until the whistle blows’ attitude by the squad pulled out a win. Well deserved 3 points.